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Assurance Financial Appoints Chief Digital Officer to Lead Initiatives in Online Lending

Ready to become a digital leader in their space, Assurance Financial appoints former Director of Marketing, Katherine Campbell, to Chief Digital Officer.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to take 20 years of technology experience in San Francisco and bring it back to my hometown,” said Campbell following the announcement. “Client satisfaction is our number one priority and having someone oversee all integrations ensures clear messaging through the customer’s journey of getting a mortgage.”

Prior to the promotion, Campbell served as the company’s Director of Marketing where she introduced new technologies, created a digital brand for the company, and oversaw the implementation of an improved online application process for Assurance Financial borrowers. Proving success from these initiatives, Campbell was instrumental in the creation of a new Centralized Retail division, allowing Loan Advisors to focus solely on mortgage applications generated by online advertising.

Assurance Financial CEO, Kenny Hodges, released the following statement:

“The Real Estate Finance industry is evolving rapidly and ensuring that our Mortgage Loan Origination team has the tools to compete with anyone in the marketplace is a top priority. We are excited to welcome Katherine to our leadership team and look forward to continued growth and profitability.”

January 15, 2020

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