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Assurance Financial CDO Named in 2022 Elite Women in Mortgage

Mortgage Professional America named Katherine Campbell, Assurance Financial Cheif Digital Officer, as one of their “2022 Elite Women in Mortgage”. Her tenacity and leadership continue to drive meaningful change in a male-dominated industry.

“Women face the constant need to be both tough and nice, and this is where the struggle to be seen as leaders begin. In the corporate space, female leaders are held to higher standards than their male counterparts. Why? Because of ingrained rules that favor what are traditionally considered masculine working styles. When people think of managers or executives, they think of men.

Elite Women think differently. They don’t let unconscious biases trap them in a mold. They break the rules and work to make the mortgage industry more inclusive for all people, no matter their gender identity.

As MPA celebrates the 67 women who made the 2022 Elite Women list, it is timely to take stock of the gender inequality in leadership and how women are continuously challenging societal expectations stacked against them.”

“I can’t imagine a workplace where men and women don’t co-exist, co-influence, and co-lead.” – Campbell

Read more about her recognition here.

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