Everything you'll need to get started

Asset Information

Get approved faster! When you use our secure bank connector, your application is reviewed faster. Start your application online where we are integrated with hundreds of banks across the country. No more faxing bank statements. We agree, it's pretty cool!

Proof of income

Simply take a snapshot of your paystub to upload. Or, does your employer use ADP? All you need is your payroll login to validate income Yes, it is that easy!

Tax returns

You may be asked for copies of your two most recent federal tax returns. Use TurboTax? Simply login during the tax section of our application, and you'll be done with this requirement. It's a snap!

Proof of identification

A government-issued, photo ID to prove you are, in fact, you. You'll be able to take a photo of it with your smartphone and upload it right away. The rest of life should be so simple.

Credit Score

Credit scores, or your FICO score, can be affected by payment history, level of debt, and types of credit. Typically, a minimum credit score of 600 is required to qualify for a mortgage. Now, let's get started!

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