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Assurance Financial Partners With Domo

The leading mortgage loan finance company adopts Domo’s cloud-based platform to help demonstrate the benefits of digital transformation

SILICON SLOPES, Utah, Oct. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Domo announced today that Assurance Financial has chosen the Domo platform to help its efforts to boost marketing efforts and ultimately, originate more loans.

As an award-winning home loan expert and a top mortgage finance company licensed in 41 states, Assurance Financial offers a full range of online and in-person services. The company recently transformed its business offerings to increase digital options with customer service at the forefront, including a full-service digital assistant. However, the more solutions the company engaged, the more segregated the data became since it lived in different tools. Furthermore, these modern tools were not fully integrated with legacy systems. There needed to be a single source of record to gather data. After a careful search, Assurance Financial partnered with Domo to bring all of Assurance’s data into a single platform and give key stakeholders visibility into how its digital efforts impact the bottom line.

“We needed a clear story of the customer journey to best understand the gaps and opportunities to fill them,” said Katherine Campbell, director of Marketing at Assurance Financial. “By using Domo, we are able to gather intelligence from website analytics, our customer relationship tool, point of sale platform, and all the way through selling off to the secondary markets.”

Domo is providing Assurance Financial’s leadership with much-needed insights into the influence of new technology efforts on the company. Key benefits so far include an increase in sales, greater insight into the annual impact of seasonality and the ability to better personalize targeted messaging. The marketing team has further been able to demonstrate strong return on investment.

“In order to break out of the old-school mortgage industry mentality, Assurance Financial is bringing a new approach to the industry and digitally transforming the organization to have better insight into and understanding of the data,” said Pam Marion, chief customer success officer at Domo. “Domo’s cloud-based platform gives the team the confidence they need in their data to take actions that impact business results.”

To learn more about how Domo has helped democratize data for over 1,800 industry leading, innovative and disruptive organizations, visit Domo’s customer page.

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October 7, 2019

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