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Local Housing Market Trends in Baton Rouge

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Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana and the heart of the state. With over 300 years of history to explore and many modern amenities, Baton Rouge is perfect for future homeowners looking for a mix of the past and present. Homes in Baton Rouge reflect this city’s unique heritage, and as you look for your future residence, you’ll see many buildings with plenty of authentic Southern charm.

Housing Trends

The housing market in Baton Rouge is competitive, with most homes selling in a few months. Single-family homes and condos have both seen a decline in sales, while townhouses have seen an increase in sales. Overall, the housing market trends in Baton Rouge show a decrease in the number of homes sold and their selling prices.

Market Demand

Since the housing market in Baton Rogue is competitive, most homes receive multiple offers. The average home sells for slightly less than its listing price. Popular listings, however, often sell for their asking prices and are typically only on the market for a few weeks.

Resident Migration

The Baton Rouge housing market has seen significant fluctuations in recent years, with many homeowners moving both in and out of the city. Most people looking to move to Baton Rogue are from Lafayette, Louisiana, a city about an hour away. Other top locations people move to Baton Rouge from include Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta.

Many homeowners also moved out of Baton Rogue. While the majority of homeowners stayed in the city’s metropolitan area, other popular destinations include Las Vegas and Nashville.

School Districts

Numerous school districts make up the Baton Rogue area, giving parents ultimate flexibility when choosing the right school for their child. Some school districts in the Baton Rogue area include:

  • Broadmoor-Sherwood
  • Highland-Old South
  • Mid-City
  • North
  • Southeast
  • Transitional


Before moving to Baton Rogue, you may want to consider how the weather will affect you and your new home. The main concern for homeowners in Baton Rouge is hurricanes, which can contribute to a high risk of flooding and extreme winds. Given Baton Rogue’s southern location, it’s also at risk for severe heat, with the number of days over 100 degrees Fahrenheit increasing in upcoming years.

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