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The 4 Roles of a Loan Agent

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We pride ourselves on the expertise and approachability of our loan officers. We make sure everyone knows everything about home loans. The purpose of this is to ensure that we can assist you to find the best option for your situation and needs. When you work with us, we join your team, working with you to make sure everything moves as smoothly as possible.

However, no matter who you work with, there are basic principles every agent should have to assist you in the best way. These are the pillars our Loan Officers are trained under, and it’s the standard every home loan officer should adhere to when working with a client:

Know The Builders In Your Market

Multiple options for financing, terms, and processes are only available if the agent knows various builders within the area. Without this, they can’t assure you’re going to get the best option. Even if they don’t have an extensive history in the market, they should know the builders.

Understand The Builder’s Products & Specialties

Knowing what they can do and offer is a no-brainer for an experienced agent. If your agent knows the builders in the area, but not their expertise and offering, it’s a red flag.

Be Up To Date On What Lots Are Available & What To Look For

A good way to check and make sure this is happening is see if your agent accompanies you when the builder is walking you through the lot. Take note of the agent’s engagement, since they should have a basic understanding of the factors that are important to you. From excellent communication, experience with the builder and keeping your best interest at the forefront, your agent should be your best friend throughout this process.


New Construction Knowledge

Starting and financing a new construction build can be a tedious and overwhelming process. If the agent meets with you and doesn’t outline the processes involved, with the builders, lenders, sales reps, etc., then they didn’t do their homework.

Home loans are complicated. Financing new construction builds are also complicated. The point of working with an agent is for them to do all the heavy lifting, taking away the stress and getting you the best option for your situation and needs.

This principle is what we were founded on, and it’s what drives every one of our agents to deliver the most comprehensive, knowledgeable, and valuable information to you. Building your dream home shouldn’t be a nightmare. We make sure it isn’t. Contact our Loan Officers today!

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