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Local Housing Market Trends in Prairieville

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Just 20 miles outside bustling Baton Rouge, Prairieville, Louisiana, is a growing city thanks to the petrochemical industry in Baton Rouge that has brought many new jobs to the area. This charming city offers newly built suburban housing with direct access to the 18-mile Bayou Manchac.

Before calling this beautiful southern city home, you may want to do some research on current Prairieville housing market trends to ensure you have the best chance of finding and buying your dream home:

Market Trends

Housing market trends in Prairieville have experienced some fluctuations over the years, but most homes sell in Prairieville after a month or two on the market. The most common houses sold in the area are single-family homes.

Housing Demand

Given Prairieville’s competitive market, most homes receive multiple offers. The average home sells for just below the list price. Popular homes often sell in less than two weeks and for the list price.

Resident Migration

Prairieville has seen many of its residents come and go over the past year. However, most people remain in the Prairieville metropolitan area when they move. Many people looking to move to Prairieville are from major cities such as Los Angeles, Dallas and Washington, DC.

Some homeowners also looked to move away from Prairieville and the metropolitan area and move to cities like Las Vegas, New Orleans and Tampa.

School Districts

Prairieville is part of the Ascension Parish School district, with international accreditation from Cognia or AdvancED. Students have multiple options for elementary and middle school before they go to one high school for the entire district.


Like many southern cities, Prairieville has the environmental risk of hurricanes, which cause flooding and extreme winds. However, Prairieville’s flood risk is lower than the national average. Prairieville is also at severe risk from heat due to increased “feels like” temperatures. Like many areas in the region, Prairieville will see an increase in days with temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the next 30 years.

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