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Reggora Interviews Assurance Financial on Digital Success

How Assurance Financial’s Focus on Appraisal Innovation Built a Winning Customer Experience

Creating a digital mortgage space isn’t something you need to be thinking about; it’s something you should already be putting into play. The pandemic exposed a lot of pain points of digitizing the mortgage process and some deficiencies with traditional appraisal operations. Now that consumers have had a taste, it has only accelerated demand for a modern experience.

What’s more, the digital transformation that borrowers demand brings cost savings and efficiency gains for lenders. In a recent webinar, Reggora CEO Brian Zitin spoke with Katherine Campbell, Assurance Financial’s Chief Digital Officer, and its Director of Operations, Scott Alexander, on why they prioritized the digital experience, their approach to implementation, and how they’ve achieved success. The trio discusses how the digitization of the space is happening at lightning speed and how the consumer market has gone from surprise and delight to absolute expectation.

Read more and watch the full interview here.


Written by Darius Thigpen, Reggora

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