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Top Recommended Neighborhoods in Shreveport for Homebuyers


Shreveport is the third-largest city in Louisiana. Its low cost of living compared to many other cities of its size makes it a popular location for new homebuyers to consider moving to. The city is also a great middle point for trips between Dallas, Texas, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Below are some of the top neighborhoods in Shreveport to consider if you want to move to the area.

Caddo Heights, South Highlands

The Caddo Heights and South Highlands neighborhoods are a 10-minute drive south of downtown Shreveport. The suburban area is home to historic homes built in the 20th century and remains surrounded by plenty of trees for shade while walking around town. The community has several churches and plenty of parks, restaurants, cafes, shopping centers and entertainment spots nearby, such as art galleries and museums.

You can also easily access medical centers and pharmacies to keep yourself and your family healthy.

Broadmoor, Anderson Isle, Shreve Isle

If you want to live in a walkable neighborhood, consider the Broadmoor, Anderson Isle and Shreve Isle area. The community is close to the Shreveport Regional Airport and the Red River National Wildlife Refuge. You will have many opportunities to engage in the nightlife with multiple bars and lounges in the area. The neighborhoods are also a short distance from grocery stores, diverse restaurants and cafes, gyms and entertainment spots like museums, theaters and music venues.

Jenkins, Pinecroft Subdivision

The Jenkins, Pinecroft Subdivision offers a quiet, laid-back atmosphere for homeowners. The many trees surrounding the homes provide fresh air, and there are many parks, schools, restaurants and grocery stores nearby. The subdivision provides a small-town feel while being part of a bigger city.

Southern Hills

Another increasingly popular area to live in is the Southern Hills neighborhood. It is known for its cleanliness and safety, making it ideal for families. The neighborhood is also close to the Shreveport Regional Airport, shopping centers and restaurants. As many residents are pet owners, you may also see many dogs while walking around town.

Benefits of Living in Shreveport

Relocating to Shreveport will allow you to experience the Southern charm of Louisiana. Besides the city’s benefit of low living costs compared to the rest of the country, Shreveport also offers a great community aspect. Residents have described the area as a big small town because people are friendly and have created strong friendships over the years thanks to the many activities and gatherings.

Consider living in Shreveport when you want to gain opportunities for lasting connections and potentially have a lower cost of living.

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