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Assurance Financial Partners with Blend

Going Digital: Assurance Financial Partners with Blend to Simplify the Borrowing Process

To meet rising consumer expectations, Assurance Financial is catapulting themselves into 2019 with new technologies that will make the borrowing process faster and easier for the consumer. Beginning in January, the Louisiana-based mortgage company will partner with Blend, a mortgage application software that digitizes the application process.

“This new technology puts us at the front of the mortgage industry. We can now compete with big name lending companies by offering a convenient way to apply while still focusing on the local level service we have always given our borrowers. We are going into the digital space with a high-tech but high touch approach,” said Kenny Hodges, Chief Executive Officer at Assurance Financial.

Utilizing Blend will allow Assurance Financial to expedite the loan process and create less leg-work for the consumer, because borrowers will be able to easily apply for a mortgage product from anywhere they have internet access – even their mobile devices. Currently, the average home loan takes over 30 days to secure, with Blend, there are fewer steps on both the borrower and the lender side, which leads to faster funding.

Assurance Financial is done with the old days of lending where borrowers spent hours at the loan officer’s office filling out paperwork, and every small change had to be faxed back and forth countless times. With Blend, Assurance Financial will lead the industry in user-friendly lending that is easy to use and understand.

Katherine Campbell, Director of Marketing at Assurance Financial | January 31, 2019

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