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Assurance Financial Reduces Cost Per Loan and Improves Borrower Satisfaction

Assurance Financial Reduces Cost Per Loan and Improves Borrower Satisfaction with Appraisal Automation from Reggora

Reggora, an appraisal management software company that is modernizing residential real estate valuation for mortgage lenders, announces outstanding business results with Assurance Financial. By automating its appraisal order management process, Assurance Financial has significantly reduced operating costs and increased borrower satisfaction.

Working with Reggora’s mortgage solutions team Assurance Financial reduced their cost per loan by $150, while also resolving the borrower’s long-standing issues with the appraisal experience — paying for the appraisal, scheduling the inspection, missing escrow deadlines and more. The average turn-time to deliver the appraisal dropped by 7 days, and borrowers rated their appraisal experience an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

“Many operations managers may resist the need for digitizing the appraisal process if internal teams are effective,” said Katherine Campbell, Chief Digital Officer at Assurance Financial. “They may think, ‘There is no issue, so if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.’ However, this is the bridge that we lenders need to all cross. Regardless of how effective your team is, rote behavior should be replaced by technology. It raises the quality of the employees’ work, which often creates more satisfaction.”

Right now, mortgage interest rates are rising and every day counts when lenders are trying to secure the lowest interest rate possible for their borrowers. Assurance Financial determined that this is the perfect time to implement appraisal management technology to improve operations, reduce cost and increase consumer confidence.

“A fast, convenient digital mortgage is a key part of providing a great borrower experience and our aim is to support that through eliminating pain points in the appraisal process,” said Brian Zitin, CEO and Co-founder of Reggora. “And what’s better for the borrower is also better for the lender. We can improve margins on each loan by eliminating unnecessary costs in a lender’s appraisal operation.”

To learn more about the success that Assurance Financial achieved with Reggora, click here.

Katherine Campbell chief digital officer of Assurance Financial
Katherine Campbell
Chief Digital Officer
Katherine Campbell is the Chief Digital Officer for Assurance Financial. She is an analytics driven executive with expertise in Web conversion, UI, and technical integration with over 20 years of digital experience in financial services. Selecting, adopting, and integrating 24 new technologies in the last 36 months in addition to launching a new brand, Campbell is on track with the industry to offer an end-to-end digital mortgage solution. She is frequently featured on webinars for digital trends and was named a HousingWire 2020 Tech Trendsetter, and a 2022 Legends of Lending.

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