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Benefits of Buying a Home in Baton Rouge

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You’ll consider a wide range of factors when choosing a new home, one of those being where you’ll live. The city in which you decide to purchase a home will impact your lifestyle and financial situation, which is why Baton Rouge is a popular option for many buyers.

Assurance Financial helps people purchase comfortable homes in areas that match their needs. With loan officers stationed in the Baton Rouge community, we’re familiar with the local economy and what it’s like to live there. Work with us when making your move.

Life in Baton Rouge

This city’s proximity to New Orleans and the Mississippi River means there’s a great variety of entertainment and activities in Baton Rouge. Whether you enjoy fine dining, nightlife, collegiate sports or music, you can find a way to fill every weekend. The area is also bustling with family-friendly attractions like museums, the Baton Rouge Zoo and various parks along the river. Hot summers and moderate winters make it possible to enjoy time outdoors for most of the year.

You’ll also find economic opportunities in the Baton Rouge area. The medical and biotech industries are experiencing growth in the area, bringing and influx of well-paying jobs. Moving can be a great way to jumpstart or advance your career.

Financial Benefits

Baton Rouge’s strong local economy has many financial benefits. Beyond the area being full of job opportunities, the cost of living in Baton Rouge is 3% lower than the national average, so you can maximize your income’s value. Utilities, housing and groceries are all on par with or below the national average. These factors mean you can earn enough to support your lifestyle with funds remaining to grow your wealth.

The strong housing market is another key contributor to Baton Rouge’s livability. The same house would cost you less here than in larger cities like New Orleans. Homes sell for around $250,000 on average, which is more than $100,000 below the national median, and inventory is high enough to meet demand while preserving the market’s upward trajectory. When you’re ready to sell your Baton Rouge home, you’ll find comfort in a housing market with steady growth and a sale-to-list ratio of 95% or higher.

Find a Loan Officer in Louisiana

At Assurance Financial, we offer various types of loans that help buyers purchase property in Baton Rouge or refinance their home. As an independent, full-service financial institution, we are a dependable partner for one of life’s most important investments. Feel free to contact us online for more on our borrowing options.

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