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Benefits of Buying a Home in Prairieville

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Prairieville, Louisiana, is a small census-designated place just south of Baton Rouge. The area is full of beautiful homes, and the robust local economy supports its residents. If buying a home is in your future, Prairieville could be a great place to look. After all, purchasing a home in Prairieville has several advantages beyond the general benefits of homeownership.

The Region

Part of why homeowners love living in Prairieville is its location in a unique region. Sitting on the outskirts of Baton Rouge, Prairieville showcases a mixture of suburban and rural living. The climate offers moderate to hot temperatures throughout the year, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor time exploring the Mississippi River and numerous parks.

The Size

Prairieville is a relatively small area, with just over 34,000 people living inside its boundaries. Its low population lends itself to a comfortable life within a tight-knit community. The city of Baton Rouge is nearby for convenient access to entertainment and other opportunities. Meanwhile, major highways run through the area for easy travel to Lafayette or New Orleans.

The Cost of Living

Prairieville is a pragmatic place to live from a financial perspective. Residents save on utility expenses compared to the rest of the nation while spending an average amount on groceries. Homes in Prairieville are large and luxurious, resulting in housing prices over the national average. However, the calm lifestyle and beautiful land are worth the investment.

The Job Opportunities

Job opportunities are ample in Prairieville due to its proximity to Baton Rouge. Residents can easily commute from their Prairieville homes to their jobs with the many growing businesses in the region. Health care and biotech are two industries that thrive in the Prairieville area and offer wages that can support your lifestyle.

The Housing Market

Prairieville’s housing market makes it a viable option for many buyers. Sales prices eclipse the national median due to the number of higher-end properties in the area. Most homes sell for around 97% of their list prices. With the right financing, you can purchase a home at a competitive price and see its value grow steadily over time. Properties move quickly, so loan pre-qualification can help your offer stand out.

Finance a Home in Prairieville

At Assurance Financial, we support buyers entering the Prairieville community through a comprehensive list of loan options. Our Prairieville loan officers know the region and its economy. We can help you get familiar with the area and determine whether Prairieville is a good fit for your family. We have borrowing options for buyers in various economic situations, so contact us online to learn more. Or, if you’re ready to shop in the Prairieville housing market, you can apply for a mortgage online.

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