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Assurance Financial: A Case Study in Customized Business Intelligence for Mortgage

Assurance Financial: A Case Study in Customized Business Intelligence for Mortgage
Articles by: Richey May, Aug 04, 2020

In 2018, Assurance Financial was experiencing a time of growth and it became clear they needed customized business intelligence for mortgage. After a complete brand overhaul, including a new website and point of sale experience, Assurance was ready to grow and expand into new markets. Further, leadership wanted to expand their financial services offerings and add a consumer-direct origination division within the company.

To plan for expansion successfully, the leadership team needed accurate data and actionable insights.

Assurance Financial had some level of reporting through Encompass and limited pipeline reports through Motivity. They could pull basic numbers, like current volume and pipeline, but were lacking the kind of deep insights needed to find operational efficiencies.

Assurance was looking for a partner to solve their most pressing challenges with data, including:

  • Lack of Trust In Data
  • No Shared Views
  • No centralized BI team
  • Technology that didn’t work together

After evaluating several business intelligence offerings, Assurance chose to partner with RM Analyze.

Learn more about Assurance’s experience with implementation one year in, including their new digital application process, and how they achieved growth in their desired business areas.

Our RM Analyze team is staffed with data analysts with mortgage company experience. Our solution is built to cater to the needs of mortgage companies, with pre-built reports to get you started fast and customization from expert consultants.

“The technology has helped us convince the LOs to be more customer-centric because we can see what customers like and respond well to.” Katherine Campbell, Chief Digital Officer at Assurance Financial

By specializing in customized business intelligence for mortgage, our team can provide deeper insights from your data, not just pipleine reports that look backwards.

“We were originally hoping to replace Motivity, but RM Analyze was so robust our goal evolved to fit with that.” Steve Ward, Chief Operating Officer of Assurance Financial

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