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Local Housing Market Trends in Atlanta

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Bursting with personality and unforgettable experiences, Atlanta is the crown jewel of the South. This vibrant city is home to many beautiful residential neighborhoods that offer a vibe just as eclectic as the city. Whether you’re looking for a modern home, a piece of Southern heritage or a bit of both, there are many available homes just waiting for you to make an offer.

Before you make an offer, however, you may want to take some time to learn about the latest Atlanta housing market trends so you can navigate the buying process with ease.

Housing Trends

With a competitive housing market, most homes in the Atlanta area receive multiple offers and sell around two months after listing. Current housing market trends in Atlanta show that single-family homes have seen increases in sale price, number of homes sold and days on the market. Conversely, townhouse and condo sales have seen a decline in sale prices.

Current Housing Demand

There is a high demand for houses in Atlanta, with the average home selling at slightly below the listing price. More popular homes generally sell for the asking price and are only on the market for a few weeks. Most single-family homes, townhouses and condos sell for their asking price.

Homeowner Migration

As a major city, Atlanta sees a high rate of people moving in and out of the city. While most people choose to remain in the Atlanta metropolitan area, many homeowners are moving to cities like Washington, D.C., and Macon, Georgia.

Many people are also looking to move to Atlanta from cities across the country. Some of the top locations people are moving to Atlanta from include New York City and Los Angeles, California.

Schools in Atlanta

Since Atlanta is the largest city in Georgia, it’s home to multiple school districts. Since Atlanta offers school choice, your child can attend school in another district if space allows. Some of the many options for school districts include:

  • North Atlanta Cluster
  • Douglas Cluster
  • Mays Cluster
  • Therrell Cluster
  • Grady Cluster
  • Washington Cluster
  • Carver Cluster
  • Jackson Cluster
  • South Atlanta Cluster

Atlanta’s Climate

Like any city, Atlanta faces environmental risks like flooding, fire, wind and heat. Atlanta is at a moderate risk for flooding and fires and a significant risk for wind and heat. Atlanta’s major environmental risk is hurricanes. In the next few decades, Atlanta will also experience more days with temperatures higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


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