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Using Customer Data to Thrive as a Lender of the Future

Webinar: Using Customer Data to Thrive as a Lender of the Future


“It’s time to get it right,” remarks Katherine Campbell, VP of marketing at Assurance Financial, during our webinar, How to thrive as a mortgage lender of the future. “Everybody has made a major investment in technology, and we now have to start figuring out some ROI.”

Watch as Campbell and Katy Keim of LQ Digital continue the conversation, discussing strategies for mapping the customer journey to modernize your lending experience while acquiring ideal consumers. Collectively, they present a compelling case for leveraging data to make informed decisions that align with your unique customer base.

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Updating the customer experience starts with knowing your customers. Build an ideal customer profile that incorporates information such as age, lifestyle, and features they’re looking for in a home. For example, are they first-time buyers or are they upsizing for their second home?

Once you know who they are, you’ll want to put yourself in the borrower’s shoes to understand their perspective. This will help you and your team glean what the borrower is looking for, which allows you to appropriately shape your communications. The messaging you use to interact with your customers is key to the new and improved journey you’re creating. Watch the webinar to dive deeper with Campbell and Keim and learn how to build out this journey.

The webinar explores ways to align your business practices with the various customer journeys you aim to serve. Learn how to:

  • Develop the ideal customer experience
  • Design communication flows that make sense for your customers
  • Define and evaluate metrics to reinvent the borrower journey

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