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Assurance Financial Charlotte

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Mortgage Lenders in Charlotte, North Carolina

Since Charlotte is one of the most beloved cities in North Carolina, mortgage lenders in the area are a dime a dozen. At Assurance Financial, we pride ourselves on being the peoples’ people of home loans. We listen to our clients and take time to get to know their home preferences, budgets and needs in the homebuying sphere. Then, we craft a personalized loan offer.

How Assurance Financial Can Help

Our team works with clients in any stage of their journey, from fresh-out-of-college professionals seeking a starter home to older adults looking for a home to enjoy their retirements in. We also work with people looking to refinance their existing mortgage for something that fits better with their current lifestyle. As a full-service mortgage lender, we’re prepared to handle any situation and offer solutions through loans designed for you.

After working with potential buyers throughout North Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana and beyond, we’ve learned how to manage a range of loan types, such as:

  • Conventional loans
  • Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans
  • Veterans Affairs (VA) loans
  • Jumbo loans
  • First-time home loans
  • United States Department of Agriculture rural development (USDA RD) loans
  • Construction loans
  • Modular home loans
  • Non-qualified loans

Housing Opportunities in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of the best places to live in the South. Its below-average cost of living comes with an abundance of entertainment, history, nature and food options. The city is also home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame, a science hub at Discovery Place and a range of museums exploring the area’s history through pre- and post-Civil War eras.

Whether you’re exploring options in the center of this exciting metropolis or a charming rural property where you can spread out and relax, Assurance Financial’s mortgage loan officers in Charlotte know the area and can help you find your way to financial security in a location you love.

Our Charlotte Home Loan Officers’ Process

When you find the perfect home or you want to refinance your mortgage, Assurance Financial will take you through the loan process as quickly as possible. Efficient funding means you can move in sooner and begin — or continue — your life in Charlotte. Our lending process is only four simple steps:

  1. Pre-qualification: Start by submitting a quick application with basic financial information — like your credit score and home purchase history — to receive an estimate of what you can expect from our mortgage lenders in just 15 minutes.
  2. Application: Once you know your budget, you can start applying to buy or refinance your home.
  3. Approval: After you’re approved, we’ll go through the appraisal and underwriting processes to ensure everything is in order for your purchase.
  4. Signing: When you close on the home, we’ll take you through the paperwork in front of a notary and provide the funding you need for your property.

Join Mortgage Lenders in Charlotte Today

When you partner with some of Charlotte’s best home loan officers, you can rest assured you’ll have the support you need to find and afford a house you love. Our team is ready to take you through every step of the process with our industry-leading technology and on-the-job experience. Get started by filling out our application.

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