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Downsizing My Home

Make Your Money Work for You

“When I think of an empty-nester, I picture an old person. I’m not old! Okay, maybe in my children’s eyes I’m old. We’re old. My husband and I are in a funky place in life. I call us in-betweeners. We’re not ready for a bigger home for lots of grandkids to run around, but we never step foot on the stairs anymore. That’s an unused 1,500 square feet of… actually, I’m not even sure what’s up there. Besides, as we’re looking at the last few years of work, we’re planning to travel more. I want to get settled somewhere more manageable before then.”

If you thought you weren’t the type to feel emotional about your home, try putting it up for sale. Suddenly every little corner sparks a sweet memory - The kids’ height measurements on the wall, the vegetable garden you worked so hard on. However, downsizing could bring great benefits to you and your finances for the future so you can live life with less stress.

  • Knock out some debt from the potential money you’ll make from selling your home
  • Build an emergency fund
  • Less upkeep of the big house and lawn so you can spend more time and money on vacations

It’s time to get real about your future, and downsizing may be the answer.

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