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Reverse Mortgage Loans

Money spent is money earned, and you can take that to the bank.

Why a reverse mortgage loan may be right for you

With a reverse mortgage loan, the bank makes payments to you, versus the other way around, based on the market value of your home. Amazing right? In order to qualify, you must be at least 62 years young, own your well-maintained home, and have significant equity in it. If that all sounds like you then let's see how you can turn your home into a cash machine.

Do more of what you like

Increasing your discretionary income each month allows you to spend more on what makes you happy.

Cut down on bills

On top of the bank paying you every month, you no longer have to make those regular mortgage payments.

Retire earlier

A reverse mortgage loan lets you make the most of your golden years by providing supplemental income. Which, by the way, is tax free.

Move on or stay put

If you downsize or relocate, a change of scenery won't cost you a penny out of your pocket. And if you're not sure you want to move, you don't have to either.

Leave something behind

Eventually, the reverse mortgage loan is repaid either by selling the home or the borrower passing away. If the latter happens, any leftover equity belongs to a surviving spouse or heirs.

Isn't it time your home pays you back?

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A reverse mortgage loan in 6 easy steps

Step 1: Connect with your loan officer

We’ll cover the reverse mortgage loan basics and patiently answer all of your questions.


Step 2: Meet with a HUD counselor

The counseling session is brief, informative, and required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


Step 3: Apply with your home loan expert

It’s as easy as making a phone call! You can apply for a reverse mortgage loan without ever leaving the house.


Step 4: Send off all the required documents and wait for approval

Having these items on hand can help the process move faster.

Assets Information

Statements from any accounts where you have cash or investments.

Proof of Income

Last 30 days of income for each applicant, if applicable.

Social Security Card

Proof that the government knows you are who you are.

Proof of ID

Any state-issued ID card or passport. Bonus points for a great smile.

Homeowner's Insurance

Your most current policy showing you're financially protected.

Step 5: Sign on the dotted line

Once you’ve signed for the loan, you'll have 3 days to cancel before your funds are dispersed.


Step 6: Receive your information packet

You made it! Check the mail for information explaining how to receive regular draws. We are always here to continue answering questions.


Collect your funds in a handful of ways


Lump sum


Equal monthly payments


Term payments


Line of credit

Want more info on reverse mortgages?

Sometimes holding paper in hand is easier than scrolling down a screen. Download this two-page guide to review more details.


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Speak with a reverse mortgage loan expert.

A Reverse Mortgage Loan is the only type of loan that cannot be started online. We have friendly experts to answer your questions. Find a loan officer licensed in your state.

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