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“It took me until the fourth year of renting the same house for our family vacation to realize that we should probably stop renting. There’s just something about this section of the beach that relaxes me. Our family seems to gel here; it works for us. I’m done rushing to vacation rental sites to be the first to book a week that the weather may or may not choose to cooperate. I’m done cramming everything I own into a suitcase to not forget anything. We realized we were ready to commit to the area, and it surprises me how often we make the time to visit our home away from home.”

You’ve pictured your perfect vacation home for a while now. You worked hard, saved up, and now it’s time to officially put your toes in the sand (or skis in the snow). Hotels are great, but they certainly don’t have the feel of home, and they’re not exactly the best investment.

  • You may be able to offset your monthly mortgage expenses by renting out your vacation home when you’re not using it.
  • You have options for financing: A cash-out refinance on your primary home, a home equity line of credit on your current home, or a conventional loan on the second home itself.

Wherever your daydream takes you, we’re ready to make it a reality.

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